Protect and promote your products. Our flexible packaging can be customized and customized to meet the most unique specifications, regulatory compliance, product performance and visual appeal required in different markets.


Products such as fertilizers, saltpeter, urea, organic fertilizers, soybean seeds, wheat seeds, etc.


Products such as starches, soy protein, fish, meat, salt, sugar, cereals, farinaceous products, dairy products, etc.


Products such as mortar, grout, spackle, textures, paints, plaster, etc.

Animal nutrition

Products such as the pet food line (dogs, cats, birds, rodents, horses, cattle) supplements for calves, mineral salt, etc.


Products such as supplies for medicine, hemodialysis, etc.


Products such as polymers, pigments, additives, epoxy resin, hotmelt adhesives, agricultural defenders, etc.

White line

Products such as refrigerators, stoves, electric ovens, microwaves, air conditioning, washing machines, dryers, etc.


Products such as magnesium, lime, dolomitic limestone, etc.