Bigplac Max

The tradition of the top valve bag combined with Inplac’s innovative DNA. An exclusive package, with symmetrical bottom and top, ideal for stacking, allows a large printing area for brand exposure. 100% automated production with national technology, resulting in a product with quality, resistance, efficiency and with less environmental impact. The possibility of multilayer structures […]


Medium and high oxygen barrier pouch open-mouth packaging, 7-layer coextruded, suitable for packaging cheese, sausages, smoked meats, pizzas, pastas, etc.

Stand-Up Plac

Traditional Stand-up in a versatile product, which allows it to stand up after filling at the point of sale. Laminated with different substrates, it provides the ideal protection for packaging solid, liquid, viscose, dry and wet products.


Films for silage, 100% national, with a guarantee of high resistance and integrity. Used to pack pre-dried agricultural bales of crops such as wheat, ryegrass, oats, corn, etc., so that they can be exposed to the weather.


Coextruded product line 7 layers for medium and high oxygen barrier, used as technical cover films, with or without lamination, and thermoformed flexible bottom, suitable for packaging bacon, meat, dairy products, sausages, fish, vegetables, etc.


Exclusive Stand-up with hexagonal bottom, which allows it to stand up after filling at the point of sale. Laminated with different substrates, it provides quality and sophistication for different markets, where the customer is free to request projects with no limits on customization.

technical coil

Coils with excellent weldability, visual appearance, high transparency and application, generating high visual appeal at the point of sale to the consumer. It can be laminated with different substrates, providing performance and finishing according to the customer’s needs.

tubular or infested

Efficient solutions for automated bagging processes. High resistance materials provide excellent properties for the storage and transport of the packaged product. When tubular can be folded, it is also indicated for heat shrinkable films, beverages, household appliances, industries.


Developed to pack and package different types of goods of different sizes and formats. It has great resistance and excellent weldability, indicated as a secondary packaging.

FFS Plus

FFS coils are the most efficient solution for automated bagging processes. Run-ability allows for the highest efficiency of the filling process. High strength materials provide optimum storage and transport properties. Multiple deaeration, lamination and 100% printing options.